Chemical Castration of Stray Dogs and Feral Cats using Calcium Chloride

Chemical Castration Injection of a stray dog

Chemical castration of male dogs and cats with Calcium Chloride in Alcohol is an inexpensive alternative to surgical castration.

We fully realize that controlling an animal population relies first and foremost on preventing females from producing offspring. At this time, chemical spaying is not an option and surgery will be required to get this feat accomplished.

By providing a very inexpensive way of castrating male dogs and cats ( under $ 1.00 per animal) more resources can be used to provide these necessary surgeries.

The sterilization approach using CaCl2 in alcohol results in a durable reduction of testosterone, as compared to baseline levels, and reduced aggressive and sexual behavior.

This sterilant fulfills the principal requirements for application to a population of stray male canines:

A single, bilateral intratesticular injection is effective in achieving long-term infertility, inhibits sexual behavior, does not cause chronic stress to the animal, causes few inflammatory reactions, lacks other undesirable side effects, is easily performed, and is economical.

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