About Calcium Chloride Castration

1889262 Alberta Inc., operating as CaClCa, is a Canadian company that has been established to provide Calcium Chloride to veterinarians all around the world as a low-cost non-surgical castration alternative.

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The company is the brain child of a veterinarian who has been involved in animal welfare for more than 10 years.

We will sell ONLY to veterinarians. If your organization is interested in using calcium chloride, have your veterinarian contact us.

The increased desire of controlling the world’s pet and street animal populations by animal welfare communities around the world has revived research into chemical castration. The recent publication by Leoci et.al (2014) has shown that 20% Calcium Chloride in Ethanol is the optimal solution to produce the required result.

Calcium Chloride (an inorganic salt) and Ethanol (alcohol) are readily available. However, the solution required for chemical castration requires compounding by a pharmacist and this may be too cumbersome and/or too expensive in many parts of the world and often is not even an option. Pharmaceutical companies have no interest in developing the product, as the method can not be patented.

This is the reason CaClCa was started.

We produce 4 grams of Calcium Chloride Di-hydrate in a sterile bottle for use by a veterinarian.

After the veterinarian, who is going to administer the injections, adds 20 ml of 95% pharmaceutical grade ethanol, the final solution of 20% CaCl2 is ready for use.

We will not provide the ethyl alcohol, as shipping around the world will be too expensive and may cause issues and unnecessary delays with couriers and customs authorities. Ethanol is not expensive and is available to veterinarians in all countries.

It is our intention to keep the cost of production to a minimum so that the final product will be the cheapest on the market and as such will make neutering male dogs and cats very inexpensive.

This method will make castrations of dogs and cats affordable in all countries of the world.

We work closely with non-profit animal welfare organizations and are making donations based on a percentage of the sale of each bottle.