Welcome to Calcium Chloride Castration

Chemical castration – an inexpensive alternative to surgical castration available to veterinarians.

Chemical castration with calcium chloride provides a low-cost, non-surgical option to prevent untold suffering to stray dogs and feral cats worldwide, a very serious animal welfare issue.

Estimates vary widely, but at least 400 million dogs and roughly the same number of cats exist worldwide and around 300 million (three quarters) of each are unwanted. Most live in nations in which animal welfare laws do not exist or cannot be enforced; many are chased away or beaten for simply begging for a scrap of food.

CaClCa is focused on providing an option for the millions of unwanted male dogs and cats for whom surgical sterilization is out of range due to a lack of funding, clinics, and human resources (surgeons). Not a single continent is untouched by this problem.

The average life of a street dog is roughly three years. Sterilization is the only way to develop humane population control programs in impoverished places and this needs to be done on a large enough scale to make a difference.

Our initiative will give veterinarians around the world an opportunity to provide low-cost non-surgical castration.